The Value of Your Property:  Has your home appreciated or does it have some obsolescence causing it to lose value?  Knowing the value of your property is more difficult than most realize.  Pricing your property accurately is one of the most critical decisions you may make.  On their own, most people tend to overestimate the value of their property.  An overpriced property will languish on the market, and worse, may even be actively shown by agents just to make another property look like a better value.  As REALTORS® experienced in pricing all kinds of real estate, Signature Properties examines many properties every day and we know the actual selling price of properties in your area.  That is most often different from the original listing price.  We can generally tell you within an accuracy range of a couple of percentage points, the price your at which your property should sell in the current market and then professionally substantiate that pricing to qualified buyers.

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How Are Our Associates Paid? Real estate agents customarily don’t get paid until there has been a successful closing on a property.  They are typically paid a percentage of the real estate’s final selling price, and real estate commissions are negotiable Texas.  The commission will depend on the type of property you are selling, the anticipated sales price, the type of agent you hire, and the level of services an agency provides.  The total commission is generally split between the listing agency and the selling agency which will then compensate the individual associates according to the agency’s schedule.  As our clients’ listing agency, Signature Properties pays for all the costs of marketing your property.

Why Choose Signature Properties?  Signature Properties has been in the real estate business since 1984.  We are a long standing member in good standing with the National Association of Realtors® which allows us to call ourselves REALTORS®, wear the REALTOR® pin of distinction, and participate in a vast network of services and associates to aid our customers and clients.  We have gone beyond the rigorous educational requirements of the State of Texas’ nationally recognized standards and attained numerous additional professional certifications.  But our people are constantly striving to be better, as they continue to improve by continuously taking advanced training and education in pursuit of more industry certifications.  When we list a property for sale, we immediately set in motion a complex and tech-savvy marketing plan to broadcast the availability of your home.  We notify our personal sphere of influence and host various kinds of other forums.  Signature Properties will quickly post your property with details and photos on our nationally exposed website, the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service) along with other collaborating services.  As technologically sophisticated agents, we use digital photography, virtual tours, Internet slide shows, electronic brochures, various Internet search engines, specialty listing services, and optimize technology to maximize your listing's exposure to as many agents and buyers as possible.  Buyers are provided many utilities and services that encourage them to visit Signature Properties and keep returning.  Signature Properties also markets your property quickly and effectively through other proven methods, which may include signs, fliers, satellite controlled lockboxes, as well as direct advertising like postcards, property specific mailers, and newspapers.

Selling Real Estate is not easy.  It’s not just putting out a sign and waiting for calls.  That is why so many come to Signature Properties.  We do it right!

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