How can Signature Properties help you present your property to bring the best price possible?

Curb Appeal:  The value of curb appeal is in enticing drive-by buyers to want to come inside the home.  While some properties have natural curb appeal, others need our help and yours in creating curb appeal.  The yard should at least be comparable to the neighborhood.  Therefore, the cost of a quick clean up by a landscape crew may pay for itself through a faster sale near the asking price.  Add a splash of color by planting annuals along the entryway.  We can advise you if the exterior of the home needs any improvement. 

Making Repairs:  Painting here and there as well as other relatively affordable cosmetic upgrades can take years off a home’s appearance.  A light neutral paint color has the broadest appeal and may also make rooms look larger.  With Signature Properties’ experience, we can help you make the difficult decision of determining if undertaking significant repairs prior to putting your property on the market will generate the best return, or if selling your property “As Is” in it’s present condition will be the best route to take for your particular property.  It is good to have a written estimate from a contractor on some repair needs because it helps alleviate some buyers’ fears of the unknown.  Allowing the buyer to choose their own contractor relieves you of liability compared to pre-sale repairs, and the added plus for the buyer is that they can choose the materials.  Consult with Signature Properties before spending any money – we will advise you on how best to allocate your budget and get the best return.

Cleaning Up Your Property:  Keep your property tidy, clean, well-lit and smelling good.  Signature Properties can professionally see your home as a buyer will and then can recommend how to make it show its best.  Often this requires removing memorabilia that you love but that others may see as clutter.  Let buyers visualize their own belongings in the house.  Turning on lights, even in the day time, makes your house appear more inviting, cheerful, and even spacious.  A professional carpet cleaning can remove stains and odors that you may not notice but are immediately noticeable and often offensive to buyers who don’t smoke or own pets. 

Staging:  Agents may recommend staging so the home appeals to the widest audience.  Do-it-yourself tips include putting out fresh flowers and baking fragrant cookies before an open house. Professional stagers may be called upon to rearrange or even refurnish the house with their own furniture inventory, particularly applicable for situations like vacant homes.

Disclosures & Inspections:  One of your primary duties as a seller is to make a list of anything that should be disclosed to buyers.  Signature Properties is familiar with the legal environment surrounding disclosures and will prompt you to develop thorough disclosure documents that will serve both you and the buyer in creating a sound and satisfactory transaction.  Depending on the condition and age of your home, and the current real estate market, your agent may recommend you have a termite and pest inspection done before placing your property on the market.  This can help avoid nasty surprises and broken contracts down the road.

Showings:  It is important to leave your home while Signature Properties is showing it to potential buyers.  We have learned through experience and recommend to our clients that they leave the showing of their property to professionals for several reasons. Buyers are more comfortable discussing the home’s merits and drawbacks with Signature Properties if you are not there.  Buyers might even feel like they are intruding if you are at home.  Signature Properties is experienced in dealing with others on your behalf and has a fiduciary duty to represent your interests in the best possible way.  So, it’s best to let us do the talking.  This way, you don’t accidentally volunteer information that your agent could use more strategically during negotiations.


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