Close of Escrow

Okay, the deal is almost done.  Signature Properties has said it’s time to start packing, so you’ve called some movers to talk about scheduling their arrival and you’ve started collecting boxes.  So, let’s talk about the final steps.

The “Walk-Through”:  The buyer will want to make a final visit to the property a few days before the sale closes.  This is the final inspection in which the buyer can ensure himself that the property’s condition is as it was when he made his initial offer and meets any stipulations in the contract.

Issues:  Murphy’s Law says that not everything goes as planned.  This is when Signature Properties shines again.  There are too many variables to list on this page that can become last minute issues, but know that Signature Properties has a reputation for closing the deal.  Whether something quit working at the last minute and was discovered in the Walk-Through phase or the buyer’s loan processing has run into unforeseen problems, Signature Properties will be there to smooth the waters with our experience and know how.

Services:  Signature Properties can provide you with a list of phone numbers to call local utilities and services so that they can commence the services you desire to your property as of the date escrow will close.  For the buyers’ convenience, we will suggest they initiate service as of that same date.

Close of Escrow:  Whoever is closing the sale will provide you with a “closing statement” that details all of the financial details of your property purchase (i.e., pro-rations on property taxes and all the transaction-related costs.)  Signature Properties will be there for you to go over this documentation and make sure it is as we negotiated.  This is the phase in which you will sign the final documents releasing your title to the new owner.  When all of the endorsements from all parties to the transaction are complete, the title company will issue you the proceeds from the sale, record the transaction for you at the County Assessor’s office, and the buyer will become the official new owner.

Keys:  Signature Properties will coordinate the delivery of any keys and any other property access devices to the buyer once the deed has been recorded at the County Assessor’s Office or in accordance with any other contractual agreements stipulated.

Now, congratulations are in order!!!!!!!!  You have completed the sale of your property and perhaps off to the excitement of ownership in a new property!

Feedback:  Signature Properties knows that there is always room for improvement, and will ask for your feedback once you’ve had a chance to enjoy the closure on your sale.

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