Buying Your New Property

Chances are you have already been thinking about where you are going from here, where your new home will be, or what your replacement property may be.  Now that your current property holding is well along in the selling process, you have a much better chance of your offer on that property being accepted.

Now to Your Future Expectations:  By experiencing your current property for a significant period of time, you also probably have a fairly good idea of what kind of property your future holds.  This is where Signature Properties’ can be of great help for you in prioritizing your needs and setting realistic goals about the likelihood of finding and being able to afford those new ideas, aspirations, and opinions.

But What About the Interim?  Perhaps you have some worries about where you will live if your home sells before your next purchase closes or where will you put all of the personal property that is on your current property.  This is a normal feeling and it’s not unique to the novice seller, so it is a common concern when juggling a sale with a purchase.  Again, this is where Signature Properties’ professionalism and “Real Estate Marketing Network” will benefit you.  Signature Properties has many ideas to help you!  For example, we can negotiate a rent-back period, where you continue to rent your first home back from the buyer while we help you find and buy your new home.

Have you thought about turning your first home into a real estate investment?

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