Now is time for the fun part. It's time to go shopping.

Let's Go: With Signature Properties' guidance, you will have now done the  things necessary to make the looking for a home enjoyable. The checklist of the reasons why you want to buy a home will keep us  focused on homes that will meet your needs. Your lender's  pre-approval letter will keep you focused on homes you can afford.

Locations,  Areas & Neighborhoods: Signature Properties can take you  on a guided tour of properties in several areas. After dinner some  evening, you can drive by a number of properties to familiarize  yourself with the surroundings and get a feeling for what your credit  will allow you to purchase. This will add to Signature  Properties' understanding of what is or is not appealing to your needs. If you or others have already found some homes that may  have your interest, Signature Properties can readily get the details  on the properties or locations for you.

Selecting &  Viewing: It is going to be best to select some top  contenders and let Signature Properties make some appointments to  review the property inside and out. Signature Properties looks at  hundreds of properties each year. So in many cases we can help  you make some preliminary decisions or eliminations by viewing our  internal warehouse of images and data regarding your selections.  You can then weigh the features and strengths, and analyze the  weaknesses of each property before ever investing the time in  visiting. Signature Properties can also provide an opinion as to the  potential re-sale value of the property based on trends we can  produce. Our purpose is to be a professional counselor, researcher,  analyst and investigator for you.

The Offer: You will be able to use Signature Properties' knowledge of the market  as a guide to making the appropriate offer. Signature Properties can  tell you the sale values of similar properties, and we will help you  write an offer that is legally sound and most likely to be accepted  by the seller. Some homes are listed at a price that may be lower or  higher than the price at which it will actually sell. From our years  of experience, we can help you understand the possible costs for any  deferred maintenance and repairs before you decide to make an offer.  In our area, the seller will typically choose a title insurance  company to ensure you can purchase "clear" title to the property. While sometimes the same entity, an escrow company  will hold your deposit and ensure your contract terms are met before  you buy.

We'll help you put in safeguards to your   purchase offer, such as loan contingencies and physical inspection   contingencies. Since this can be an   emotional situation, it is especially important at this time that we have built   the confidence with you to allow you to have Signature Properties negotiate on   your behalf with the seller.

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