Escrow, Inspections & Appraisal

This is the phase in which we learn more details about your most favored property choice.

Escrow: Escrow begins when your earnest money deposit and purchase offer is accepted by the seller. Escrow ends when you become the official new owner, registered in the county records.

Title Company and Escrow Holder: In our area, the seller typically selects the title company and  escrow holder (often the same company) because they are typically  paying for the service costs.  The job  of this entity is to act as a neutral third party which holds all  instruments necessary to the sale, including funds

Holding Title: There are at least half a dozen ways to own property, each with its own  legal, estate, and tax implications, particularly with respect to  selling or transferring, or disposition upon death. It is advisable  to consult with an attorney or your tax advisor to be sure you select  the best way to "hold title" in your particular situation.

Inspections: When your offer is accepted by the seller, Signature Properties will  recommend professional inspectors to evaluate your home's major  systems. We will even set the appointments for you. Signature  Properties would suggest that you plan on attending all of your inspections.  You should feel free to ask any question.

Appraisal  & Loan Process: In this phase, you should keep in close communication with your lender. It is important that you can address any requirement of your lender for  additional documentation that may be needed to approve your loan  application or fund your loan.

You can know see how Signature Properties adds tremendous value to your home purchase experience in many ways.

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