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Deciding to Buy

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases most people make in their lifetime. Owning your own home has long been part of the American dream. For these reasons and more, decisions in buying a home deserve every consideration and those decisions should be enhanced with a professional at your side.

Reasons for Buying: The reasons for buying a property vary as much as individuals vary. Maybe you are looking for an investment. You could simply want a larger yard or the one you have may require more maintenance than you have the time or money to give to it. Maybe your family has become too large for your current home or you are caring for a loved one that needs special amenities on the property. Perhaps you have grown tired of paying rent. Like millions of Americans, perhaps your current career allows you to work from home and you could be served better with an on premises office. Or maybe you want to be closer to work, a school, or a park. Vacation homes have become more viable. So, make sure you have developed your pros and cons lists and considered them carefully in order to narrow your search criteria and find the best property to meet all of your individual needs and not just one or two whimsical desires.

Revenue Considerations: You need to consider any changes in your income. As home ownership has been proven over the years to be a very good investment, you should take advantage of increased revenue with personal or investment Real Estate purchases. Decreases in revenue due to unforeseen misfortune, care of loved ones, or family illness must be considered in a practical manner. How good of a saver are you? A home purchase is an excellent way to create a self savings plan as part of your mortgage payment will go toward the eventual retirement of any home loan and create personal equity in an asset. Moreover, with careful consideration and consultation with a professional REALTOR ® such as Signature Properties, many gain value through appreciation.

Affordability: It can be found that many financial experts will recommend spending between 33-40% of your income on housing. If you're renting or contemplating renting, you may be shocked when you add up what you have spent or may spend on rent over the years. Many people find the tax advantages of home ownership make it less expensive than renting!

Can I Afford a Down Payment? While there may be advantages to making a down payment, many loan programs today allow you to buy your home with little or no down payment.

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Do You Need A Tax Break?  You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that you could afford to spend more money each month on a larger mortgage, because the tax benefits from your mortgage can actually lower your income taxes!  Perhaps you are beginning to understand the advantages of investment properties and wanting to learn how you can participate in these real estate opportunities.

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